3DGallery Budapest


The gallery where you can have some fun and learn playing while you experience the wonders of art, even become part of it! Becasue everything that is art, comes from you!

Be a photographer, artist, editor, actor/actress in one and look at your art through the glasses of optical illusions and 3D effects. Create your own unique compositions! The background is set for you just use your imagination to complete your own story! Recommended for every age, children to elderly, since everyone can use their fantasies! Improving children and gives a second chance to be young again. 

Art is within you! This is an interactive gallery which let you touch our paintings so you can cooperate with them easily. Taking pictures is a must!

The price includes:

-unlimited time for photoshooting

-guided photoshoot with our professional staff

-every photo sent via e-mail

-one printed photo (per ticket)


Be a part of art!

Basic data

Company name: MM Secret Life Kft.

Seat of corporation: Budapest

Managing Director: Markaf Marcell

Year of establishment: 2016

Tax registration number: 25149597241


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Main office


1065 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 17.


06 30 211 8863



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