Free legal advice

dr. Balázs Csépai lawyer, is the legal expert of MUISZ.

Balázs Csépai worked at the Hungarian Competition Authority for ten years, and for four years he worked at the Cartel Directorate of the European Commission.He led the Cartel Investigation Group of the Hungarian Competition Authority.

On the last Wednesday of every month, Balázs Csépai is offering free legal counseling to our members from 3 pm to 5 pm, he is looking forward to inquiries not only regarding competition issues. Appointment for legal advice can be requested through the MUISZ Secretariat at

Tax presentation

Yearly one tax update presentation 

Our association organizes annually a tax presentation, supporting the travel agencies' activities in the correct application of the changing tax regulations.
The lecturer, Dr. Antalóczy Györgyné, the tax expert of MUISZ, helps all the MUISZ members with free advice in order to make the work of offices more effective. 

Trainings and further courses

The Association organizes trainings and training courses to help the work of colleagues in the travel agencies, and the courses help them in expanding their knowledge.The organized courses  are for MUISZ members available  at a very favorable price, (eg.  protocol lectures, training for the preparation of presentation materials, communication training, courses for sales support, etc.)

Study tours in Hungary and abroad

Domestic and foreign excursions

The Association organizes each year for its members several times inland study tours, during which the connection network of the offices expands by meeting new service providers. The participation on excursions is provided by MUISZ to its members for free or for a very attractive participation fee.

The Association organizes often foreign study tours as well. So in recent years study tours were launched to destinations such as Uzbekistan, Israel, Georgia,  Albania, Slovenia, Montenegro, Malta,

Once a year  the Association is holding its General Assembly abroad.  In 2016 Tunisia, in 2017 Croatia. in 2018, Morocco, in 2019 Turkey, in 2022 Andalusia, in 2023 Egypt and in 2024 ind Ras Al Khaimah hosted the General Assembly.  The host country will be the destination of the year!

Further advantages of the membership

The brunches and  dinners held by MUISZ offer an excellent networking expanding possibility to the members as well. This events are attended in average by about 50-70 MUISZ members, mainly by the senior manangement of the companies. On this events the Association offers to the associated members of the Association – according to an agreed timing – the possibility of a ten minutes introduction. Also the decisive personalities of the tourism branch (such as mayors, under-secretaries, goverment commissioners) are participating – depending on the specific topic of the event – often at these events.