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Association of Hungarian Travel Agencies

Representing Quality in Tourism for over 40 years!

The Association of Hungarian Travel Agencies (MUISZ) started to operate in 1974. The founders were 7 state-governed travel agencies, the only ones which existed at that time. The aim of the Association was to represent and protect the interests of its members.

After the political changes in 1989 the situation has radically changed, travel companies proliferated like mushroom. At present, there are approximately 1150 registered and legally operating travel enterprises in Hungary. Out of this number some 180 companies are members of MUISZ. These 180 companies handle over 80 % of the total turnover of the organized travels. The industry has undergone a specialization, there are companies specialized in a certain destination, or in the inbound or in outbound traffic.

We can proudly tell that the Hungarian travellers look for the MUISZ emblem and choose possibly a member of us when travelling. MUISZ membership is a pledge of quality, reliability and professionalism.

Beside the normal members of MUISZ there are also extraordinary members who are in one way or the other, connected to the travel trade (e.g. insurance companies, tourist boards, hotel chains, travel guide publishers, etc.)

The main task of the Association is to work for the interest of its membership, to represent the travel trade on every possible forum, to assist and intervene wherever possible for achieving the best conditions both for the members and for the trade.

MUISZ created the ethical codes of the travel enterprises in 1999, laying down general ethical standards for the industry. It states the basic requirements of business conduct, the expected attitude and behaviour both among members and toward customers.

dr. Erdei Bálint
President of  MUISZ

H-1065 Budapest, Révay u.10.

Phone: +36 1 279 1107

     Mail:    info@muisz.com

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