Association of Hungarian Travel Agencies

Representing Quality in Tourism for over 50 years!

The Association of Hungarian Travel Agencies, MUISZ, has been representing the interests of its members and tourism industry stakeholders since its foundation in 1974.

The significant role of MUISZ is proven by the fact that its two hundred members’ business activity covers over 80% of organized tourism in Hungary.

All major tour operators are among the members as well as small travel agencies.

Besides lobbying, MUISZ organizes events such as lectures and seminars for tourism professionals and communicates to the public and the press.

Judit Molnár
President of  MUISZ


Professional workshop,

where demands, experiences, questions and suggestions of travel agents amalgamate.
MUISZ undertakes solution seeking and problem solving role to dissolve problems and contradictions affecting the industry, and helps its members by sharing advice and best practice. MUISZ provides studies and study tours, organizes trainings, and arranges discounts to its members. MUISZ compiles professional analyses of subjects that matter to its members.

Voice of the travel trade,

that makes itself heard at every relevant professional forum. MUISZ has visibly strenghtened its lobby power, and has succeeded to achieve its goals with the goverment and other professional associations, voicing its positions on several matters.
MUISZ communicates with the consumer, too, to increase the audience’s awareness and education when it comes to travel matters.

Guarantee of quality,

since all of its members must comply with all legal requirements in Hungary, and must abide by strict ethics of the organization, showing respect and correctness towards customers and competitors alike. Although MUISZ does not operate a quality seal system, its name and logo represent quality on its members portals.


of many capable, experienced and committed professionals who do their voluntary work for MUISZ. In an unbiased opinion, tourism is a profession that does not let you go, once you fall for it, and there aren’t many trades operating almost like a big circle of friends, that have their moments of joy, sadness and anger, but stick together.

MUISZ has seen a lot since its foundation in 1974. One thing has not changed: its commitment to improve the legal and economical environment of its members, and the urge for constant development and sharing practice.

MUISZ encourages all those travel agents who are not members yet, to join our Association, use the knowledge base, profit of the lobby activities, and enjoy being a member of this welcoming and innovative community.

It is good to be a member of MUISZ.

Judit Molnár

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