Travels to Africa Tour Operator


Travels To Africa Tour Operator (Utazz Afrikába Utazási Iroda) is an internationally recognized outbounding Africa Specialist Tour Operatos.  We are based in Budapest. The founder and director of the company is Africa-Expert anthropologist Ildikó Szilasi, the Honorary Economic Counsellor for Senegal in Hungary. Best selling destinations: Senegal, Tanzania and Zanzibar, Sudan,  Algeria, Madagascar. 

Basic data

Company name: Afrikacentrum Kft.

Seat of corporation: 2030 Érd Balatoni út 5

Managing Director: Szilasi Ildikó Hermina

Year of establishment: 2012

Number of employees: 3

Number of branch offices: 3

BFKH registration number: U-001476

Tax registration number: 23102983-2-13

Destinations: Algeria, South -African Republic (and the Sourhern Region), Ethiopia, Kenya,  Madagascar and Nosy Be, Mauritius, Senegal, Sudan, Tanzania and Zanzibar.

We know Africa: our guides are either specialists or Africa-experts, archeologists, geologists.

We design unique itineraries

We only do destinations that we have pre-visited, or that we know We do responsible tourism.

Other projects we do - Africa Expo Budapest: We are the founders and organizers of Africa Expo Budapest ( a co-event of International Travel Show of Hungary since 2011. (HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center, 40.000 visitor) We the tools to promote our partners and the African destinations we work in.

Other services: Incentive tours with unique itineraries, travel consultancy, air flight tickets, insurance, preparatory courses for travelers to Africa and promotion of African touristic destinations.


  • Cultural cruises
  • Sport tourism
  • Incentive travel
  • Own program organization


Algeria, Ethiopia, Sudan, Madagascar, South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Senegal, Ghana, Democratic Republic of the Congo,

Main office


2030 Érd, Balatoni út 5.




There are no more offices.