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Wines, nature, slow living...Three ladies with three passions: we love travelling, adore nature and enjoy wine with healthy food. Our intention is to share this enthusiasm with travellers from all over the world. We had a dream: to set up a company to accomplish that mission. This dream has become reality: it’s called Wine a’More Travel.

Let time stand still, smell the scents of the countryside, discover the colours, listen to the sounds of nature, taste the amazing wines of Hungary and enjoy its excellent gastronomy! Meet the winemakers and learn about the grape varieties, soils and wines. Listen to the stories, taste wines with your friends and stroll through hundreds-of-years-old cellars! We hope these thoughts will entice you to explore the magnificent wine regions and wines of Hungary.

Wine a’More Travel was founded in 2014 and is owned by three ladies who share the same passions. The owners have numerous years of experience in the fields of tourism, sales and marketing of wine and wine-related services.

Our goal is to enrich each of our guests with extraordinary experiences! You can explore the cultural sights of Budapest and the countryside, magnificent, unspoiled nature and the culinary heaven of Hungary with us.

Wine a’More Travel is a fully licensed tour operator, organising exclusive tours combined with wine tastings and cellar visits all over Hungary and in the neighbouring countries.

Our authentic day tours offer short tasting experiences and aim to present the diversity of Hungarian wines and make our guests wish to know more. These tours are suitable for tourists with limited time based in Budapest. Leave the city behind and visit vineyards and cellars or participate in an authentic cookery class near BUDAPEST!

Our wine weekends and gourmet holiday tours are aimed at those who would like to escape to charming countryside and discover the variety of our wine regions, such as TOKAJ, VILLÁNY, EGER or SZEKSZÁRD. During our tours, we’ll meet the winemakers of the estates, taste wines under their supervision and learn about their philosophy as well as food and wine pairings.

We also offer educational tours for wine professionals. You’ll get a deep and thorough understanding of Hungarian wines and winemaking traditions. A professional wine guide will escort you on your journey and renowned winemakers will host you in their cellars.

We also offer wine tours in Central and Eastern Europe, e.g. Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria. 

It will be our pleasure to greet both wine-loving amateurs and professionals.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Hungary!

Basic data

Company name: Wine a

Seat of corporation: 2089 Telki, Kökörcsin u. 13.

Managing Director: Jánosi Csilla Beatrix

Year of establishment: 2014

Number of employees: 2

BFKH registration number: U-001575

Tax registration number: 25005284-2-13


  • Cultural cruises
  • Domestic travel
  • Incentive travel
  • Domestic hotel booking
  • Travel insurance
  • Inbound
  • Own program organization
  • Abroad hotel booking
  • Sightseeing tours


France, Hungary, Spain, Slovakia, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Moldova, Croatia, Serbia, Italy,

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