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The aim of our company is that through our Hungarian folk dance performances, it gains fame and recognition not only in Hungary, but also on an international level, which is known and recognized by all generations. We believe that with our performances we can create an opportunity for it to become a shared experience for people, an experience that connects them and with which the hearts of the spectators can beat at the same time at every performance and of which everyone can be proud, because they can experience that exceptional, incomparable feeling, what dance can do.

Our ars poetica is that we believe in the marriage of dance and theater and that we believe that it is good a dancer can add to the performance not only through his movements, but also through his playing.

We believe that dance and theater support each other and that everything opens up to us to enchant the audience during the performance.

Basic data

Company name: Victoriam Artem Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.

Seat of corporation: 1011 Budapest, Iskola utca 10.

Managing Director: dr. Pintér Zsófia

Year of establishment: 2019

Number of employees: 20

Tax registration number: 27091445-2-41


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Main office


1011 Budapest, Iskola utca 10.


+36 20 534 3585


There are no more offices.

News of member

RS Entertainment - Fun Fiction 09-17-2023.

Román Sándor Entertainment cordially invites the members of MUISZ,
17.09.2023. at 19:00 for the Fun Fiction performance at the RaM Art Theater.
Please indicate your intention to participate on 11.09.2023. please notify us by
e-mail at

The main character of the play is a seducer  - a charming, good-looking playboy with a key to every woman's heart. These gifts he uses in his chosen profession - to free rich women from their expensive jewels. Always glamorous, always elegant and always one step ahead! And what else is needed to complete the story? The clumsy, dim detective who ( in his unique way) does everything to pursue and finally catch the thief. In Sándor Román's production this story is presented with lots of humor and fast-paced dances which bring joy and laughter to the faces of the audience - even on the darkest days. A highly entertaining production that appeals to all age groups - young and old. A great show for the whole family.