Qalandar Adventures Ltd.


Qalandar Adventures travel agency has been organising backpacking tours for small groups since 2014. Our mission is to turn all of our customers into ‘travellers’, as the Qalandar tours, organised in a simple and sustainable way, help our travellers to change their mindset by actively experiencing intercultural relationships based on understanding.

We know that good company is a crucial component of a trip or a tour and one of the keys to its overall success. That is why we pay special attention to community building and good company: friendships between our travellers often last long after they have returned home. 

With our 10 permanent staff and nearly 30 tour guides, we have introduced travellers to the cultures and values of more than 60 countries over the years. The primary profile of our agency is backpacking, but we also organise class trips, business trips and, on request, tailor-made corporate tours. 

Our services for companies also include flight reservations, booking accommodation, travel consultancy, rental car services, rail and bus ticket sales, full visa services, passenger check-in, devising annual travel plans, creating travel policies, testing travel efficiency and organising tailor-made private tours and team building.

Qalandar Adventures Ltd. is the first accredited sustainable travel agency in Hungary. Our certification number is issued by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council: C 883559GSTC-12-2021.

Basic data

Company name: Qalandar Kft.

Seat of corporation: 1031 Budapest, Nánási út 1b

Managing Director: Böröczky Csongor Levente

Year of establishment: 2014

BFKH registration number: U-001574

Tax registration number: 24950246-2-41


  • Youth tourism
  • Airplane ticket sales
  • Cultural cruises
  • Railway ticket sales
  • Bus ticket sales
  • Travel insurance
  • Sightseeing tours
  • Abroad hotel booking
  • Religious tourism
  • Own program organization


Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Montenegro, Spain, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, Lithuania, Malta, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Norway, Romania, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Croatia, Latvia, Macedonia, Monaco, Italy, Serbia, Vatican, Moldova, Ukraine,

Main office


1031 Budapest, Nánási út 1b




There are no more offices.