Tanyacsárda Restaurant, Programme Centre, Horse farm and Guesthouse

”The host of the year” in 2017

The Old Tanyacsárda is situated 71 km far from Budapest. It is welcoming their guests since 1973 near the small-town, Lajosmizse on the Great Hungarian Plain.  The restaurant had started as a wood-house buffet but for now it became one of the most successful restaurants of our country; its fame was taken wind by many domestic guests coming from all over the country and also by many foreign guests. The excellent, Hungarian style kitchen of the Tanyacsárda has deserved rightly the title of “The best restaurant of the Region” (1999, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2011) and in addition to this the company has won several international awards on gastronomic competitions and exhibitions (Protectorate table (Védnöki tábla), Golden bull (Aranybika), Chevalier - Maison de Qulite, Chaine des Rotisseurs, the member of the Top 10). In 2005 the catering line of business has chosen Tanyacsárda Restaurant among the best restaurants of Hungary and has awarded with the maximum three stars. In 2007, 2011 and in 2015 Tanyacsárda has received the Hungarian Tourism Quality Award and The Rosemary Award from the Hungarian National Tourist Office (Magyar Turizmus Zrt.) and it has won “the host of the year” in 2017, which was founded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bács-Kiskun County.

Gastronomical deliciousness

In addition to the specialties of the master chefs – already becoming traditional - here the guests are looked forward to series of gastronomical events. These programmes are attached to holidays and celebrated days. The guests are invited to gastronomical deliciousness, which are completed with programmes (horse-show, ox-grilling, Puszta Olympic Games): there will be organised the “Sobri” Fish Days, the grape harvest, the pig-killing on Andrew’s day and some other programmes, where the lover of culinary deliciousness will certainly find their hope. The restaurant is welcoming guests every day from 11.00 am till 10.00 pm (in winter till 09.00 pm), where evenings the gipsy band takes care of the pleasant feeling.

Traditional programmes

The New Tanyacsárda what was founded in 1992. It can be found 63 km far from Budapest on a 50 hectares area. The visitors can choose in addition to the famous Hungarian tastes among traditional programmes, too: Hungarian folklore programme, gipsy-show, spectacular dance theatre production - Folkshow - are interesting sights for both of the domestic and foreign guests. Here it is possible to travel by nostalgia locomotive; to grill ox, pork and chicken on the spit; country wedding with folklore programmes and you can take part in a real traditional Hungarian goulash party.

 Guaranteed horse-shows

The stable of our horse ranch consists of 110 horses: here can be found the Hungarian sport halfbred and the Lipizaner. This horse ranch also holds a lot of possibilities: horse riding, horse-show, horse-show at night with the dance of witches at the camp-fire, riding by horse-drawn carriages in the Puszta can do the programmes of the families and groups colourful here. On the covered grandstand hundreds of people can see the horse-show, which takes place on a sandy ground,  the stud-riding, which provides an everlasting experience, you can admire the show of the "Puszta Ötös" five, the obstacle driving of coach and four, the training of a donkey and several field events of horse-herds.

 At the New Tanyacsárda guests can get to know the indigenous Hungarian animals, too: there can be seen grey cattles, racka sheeps, donkeys and on the poultry yard turkeys, ducks, guinea fowls.

Stable of the Tanyacsárda         

            We have Lipizaner and Hungarian halfbred rearing. Every year 15 foals are born on average. The majority of them are Lipizaner breed. The task of the rearing is to compose supply to horse shows and to produce breed coach and saddle horses for sale. Those breed Lipizaner and halfbred coach horses, who went from our rearing, enhance the Hungarian and foreign coach and two and coach and four. Moreover, these horses serve hobby purposes, too. Our Hungarian halfbred horses are suitable for hobby saddle and driver horse. Every year 10-15 horses are sold on average.

The upbringing of the foals happens in stud-keeping. We move the foals 4-5 kilometres every day between deep sand lie of the land. We get positive feedback from our customers for the good constitutional stability of our horses. On our yard we constantly sell carriage and saddle horses.

Possibility for accommodation

The visitors are acquainted with not only the Hungarian specialties and the old horse-traditions, but “the Hungarian hospitality” is also shown to them. There are a lot of guests, who search for a peaceful place in the Puszta: we welcome guests in the Guesthouse of Tanyacsárda and in the new Blockhouse. We look forward guests with more rooms

Event organization unlimitedly for companies, even in an outdoor place

The Old and New Tanyacsárda do not know impossible. It happens often that smaller, important corporate meetings are held at our place, but we are not afraid of the inquiries for events with hundreds of people or possibly thousands of people. Our capacities and facilities enable to comply with practically every demand with little organization.

One of the milestone of this was the 90th birthday of IBUSZ in 1992, when we welcomed 5000 people. Besides another really memorable occasion was the opening ceremony of Mercedes factory in 2012, we had to stand in the gap simultaneously in 20 outdoor places. Since then the plant and headcount grow constantly, so we provide events from VIP receptions with 20 people until works meeting with 4,500 people.

The expectations of the procurers are more and more higher. Previously the deliverance of foods and beverages was sufficient, when we did catering in an outdoor place. Today also complete event organizational tasks associate to this, eg. assurance of power, water and heating on the spot, the tent, the furniture, sound- and light technology, decoration, hostesses, organization of the programme… and everything, which still occurs.

Famous people, who paid honour to us with their visit:

  • Charles, Prince of Wales
  • Raisza Gorbacsova
  • Juan Antonio Samaranch, the former president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)
  • Franz Beckenbauer and Michel Platini, golden ball football players
  • Andy Vajna, the world-famous producer
  • Tshering Yangdon, the current Queen Mother of Bhutan



Presentation of the Prime Minister’s Office, Agricultural and Rural Development Secretary of State with reception of the Prime Minister of Hungary (2015)

Mercedes- Benz Manufacturing Hungary Kft.

- Deposition of the ground stone of 2. factory in 2017

- VIP events: at visiting of prime ministers, ministers

- Christmas party with 4,600 people in 2017, 2015, 2014

- Christmas party with 2,500-3,800 people in 2012-2013

- continuous trainings in 2010-2014

Daimler AG    - Opening ceremony of the Mercedes factory Kecskemét in 2012

- Commencement of the Mercedes factory Kecskemét in 2010

- Deposition of the ground stone of the Mercedes factory Kecskemét in 2009

- Mercedes factory in Kecskemét - signing the contract in 2008

Affidea Hungary, family day (900 people)

Antolin, family day, Christmas party (470; 690 people)

Trilak product presentation (620 people)

A-Way ITE, family party (600 people)

Integrál Ltd., company event (500 people)

Adient, family day (350 people)

Alföld-Pro Coop, corporate event (300 people)      

Zarges Kft, catering (200 people)

Ministry of National Economy - Nemzetgazdasági Minisztérium (100 people)


Other references:


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Our awards:

2017    „The host of the year” award to János Garaczi – Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bács-Kiskun County

 2015    Károly Gundel Award – it was given to János Garaczi, one of our owners (It could be nominated for the award, who stands by in the Hungarian hospitality with prominently successful work minimum for 25 years, who disposes with blameless professional past and exemplary walk of life, who cares the historical traditions of the Hungarian hospitality and feels commitment on this reformation, as well as takes part in the propagation of the Hungarian hospitality.)

 2015, 2011 and 2007

Hungarian Tourism Quality Award, Hungarian National Tourist Office

(Magyar Turizmus Zrt.)

2014    “The Traditional Hungarian Restaurant of the year” award by votes of the readers of Traveller Magazine, tourism specialists and traveller businessmen

2013    ”The Event Supplier of the year” award, Association of Hungarian Event       Organizers and Suppliers (Magyarországi Rendezvényszervezők és –szolgáltatók Szövetsége)

2013    “The Traditional Hungarian Restaurant of the year” award by votes of the readers of Traveller Magazine, tourism specialists and traveller businessmen

2013    Old Tanyacsárda received „The best restaurant in countryside” award by the evaluation of the guests on the basis of the list of best restaurants during the spring „National Restaurant Week”. 

2012    „The host of the year” award – National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers in Bács-Kiskun County (VOSZ Bács-Kiskun Megyei Szervezet)

2011, 2008, 2006, 2004, 1999

”The restaurant of the year in countryside” by votes of the readers of Traveller Magazine, tourism specialists and traveller businessmen

 2010    „The restaurateur of the year” award, Hungarian Catering Trade Corporation (Magyar Vendéglátók Ipartestülete)

2006    Rosemary Award, Hungarian National Tourist Office (Magyar Turizmus Zrt.)

2005    Catering trade chose Tanyacsárda among the best restaurants of Hungary and awarded with the maximal 3 stars on the „Guest” professional newspaper voting

2004    The „Guest” professional newspaper elected Tanyacsárda among the best 20 restaurants of Hungary and awarded with 2 stars.

2002    „Gastronomer of the year” award, Hungarian National Tourist Office (Magyar Turizmus Zrt.)

1994    Member of Top 10 Restaurants

Protectorate table (Védnöki tábla), Golden Bull (Aranybika), Chevalier - Maison de Qualité, Chaine des Rotisseurs

In the past 45 years 7 people have received the master chef- and 6 people the master waiter title in the employees under the aegis of Tanyacsárda. The chefs of Tanyacsárda have already competed several times as a member of the National Culinary Team.

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